Anki Consulting is a leisure entertainment advisor with a wide variety of experience which targets to draw upon to add value to our clients’ endeavors. Leisure is now seen as an essential part of the customer experience, helping increase dwell times. We have two primary categories of support. One is to assist developers to transfer their vision for new leisure entertainment facilities into reality. We advise developers from around the world on how to create a point of difference within their schemes through introducing key . The other is to support existing leisure operators looking to expand; improve performance. We know where to find the best talent available in the market most well suited to deliver the vision based upon size and scale of our clients’ endeavors.


  • Assist our clients in creating safe, successful, entertaining and well-planned, properly managed leisure environments which deliver world class service.
  • Know and understand industry trends and their impact on every segment within the leisure industry
  • Develop and make available a network of respected contacts who offer quality and affordable products and services
  • Be culturally aware and sensitive to key considerations in the personality profile of each unique location to integrate operations into the community in a wholesome, harmonious manner
  • Work with international operators who want to enter new markets. Such is our recognised position; those operators intent on expanding globally will seek us out, to learn of opportunities that are available.


Our senior people are some of Turkey’s most respected experts in their field. Collectively we have long experience and a deep understanding of strategy development, concept planning, feasibility and business plan development, operation and business development. Our backgrounds are varied but all are built on decades of hard-earned experience from real estate market primarily on retail&leisure and malls as professionals, operators, clients, and consultants.

You will find our senior team to be business savvy and highly experienced in dealing with complexity. We operate comfortably at elected member/board level but equally well within communities.

Most importantly, Anki team share the same values and passion for the sector as our clients. Caring deeply about what we do is a key feature of our work and our clients tell us that it is reflected into the projects…